Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit
Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit
Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit
Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit
Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit
Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit
Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit

Ceramic Yarn bowl painting kit

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Yarn Bowl Takeaway Bundle.
Paint at home in your own time with our bundle of paint, palette, brushes and chosen ceramic piece.
Each bundle contains acrylic paints in blue, yellow, red and white, black acrylic fine liner, paint palette and 3 brushes.

Ceramic piece available on its own without the paint bundle, please select which option you require in the drop down menu.

This yarn bowl is both practical and creative. Hold all of your balls of wool in one convenient place with convenient holes to pull yarn through

Personalise one of our yarn bowls and see if you can be as creative with paint as you are with wool OR surprise your knitter friends with the perfect gift.

Yarn Bowl:
Size; H x W x D = 9cm x 18.5cm x 18.5cm.
Material; Ceramic

The acrylic paints provided are smooth, water-based colours, easy to use, mix well together and are perfect for covering large areas or for detail work. Acrylic paint is quick drying and once dry will not smudge.
Strong bright colours.
Water based and solvent free.
Washable with water when wet, solvents are not needed.
Good covering power.
Water resistant once dried
Flexible colours so no cracks.

Colours may stain hands, clothing, carpets, upholstery, walls etc. Avoid ingestion and eye contact. Suitable clothing should be worn at all times when using this product.

Why not make your piece extra personal? Add a message in the drop down box to have a personalised adhesive sticker made.

The sticker can be added once you have painted your piece and let it completely dry. OR use it as a stencil; simply add the sticker on to the piece, paint over and peel off to reveal a lovely white message. 

Double check your spelling and punctuation please! We cannot be held responsible for your mistakes.

For business orders including custom logos/bulk orders etc. please contact us.

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