Our Kits

Unless otherwise stated each kit comes with everything you need to get going, with plenty of acrylic paint in red, yellow, blue and white. Also includes black acrylic fine liner, palette and 3 brushes.

Absolutely not. The acrylic requires no firing or oven baking to seal once you have finished painting.

No, the ceramic piece provided is a high quality ceramic which has already been bisque fired but left unglazed. Unglazed bisque is the perfect base for the acrylic paint to be applied. 

If you have purchased an item that needs to hold water 9 such as a plant pot or vase we clear glaze the inside so it is water tight. We will state in the item copy if an item has been clear glazed on the inside.

Our kits are designed for all skill levels, there is no judgement or pressure. Paint them how you like and in a style that suits you.

The acrylic paints provided are smooth, water-based colours, easy to use and mix well together.

When you are finished make sure you replace the lids on the pots – they will keep for use again on other projects.

Clean brushes in warm soapy water, if cleaned thoroughly they will last. Avoid soaking them in water for an extended period as this may cause the wooden handle to swell.

Acrylics are self-sealing, however, you can use a coat of varnish once the acrylic paint is dry. This will make it more durable and give a high shine.

The best way to clean the palette is to let the paint completely dry and then peel it out, this is better than paint ending up in the water ways.

Important information: colours may stain hands and surfaces. Avoid ingestion and eye contact. Suitable clothing should be worn at all times when using this product.

Our items are available as a full paint kit or as the ceramic on its own, simply make your selection in the drop down box on the product page.

Please let us know if your item is a gift and we will ensure packing slips are not included.